martedì 8 dicembre 2015

1st European Baguazhang Forum

Tai Chi Caledonia is delighted to host the "1st European Baguazhang Forum", which will take place in the heart of Scotland at the beautiful grounds of the University of Stirling, running from 8 - 15th July 2016.

Goal of this first Baguazhang Forum is to present a wide range of different styles of Baguazhang, connect practitioners and teachers from all Europe to exchange and practice together, and to support the growth and diffusion of the beautiful art of the circle in Europe and abroad.

The staff this year will be composed by 5 experienced teachers from Italy, where Baguazhang is now experiencing a highlight, thanks to the efforts of FIWUK (Italian sport promotion entity of the Olimpic Committee) and getting sound acknowledgements at national and European Parlament level.

The spirit is one of sharing, participating, letting people grow in the art and spreading it. Everyone is welcome, beginners as experienced practitioners and qualified teachers, who want to enter in contact with other fellows and enhance every aspect of their practice, in a spirit of friendly sharing.

During the week we will also offer a demonstration and will held an open conference on the subject "Baguazhang: his history and today" in order to present the experience of the teachers and give some hints about the evolution and projects that Baguazhang is doing in Italy and in Europe.

You are welcome to come and work with us!

For more informations you can contact us at our Facebook page:
Information regarding accommodation etc can be taken from the Tai Chi Caledonia website:


1st European Baguazhang Forum

Calendar of the seminars at Tai Chi Caledonia
Sunday 10.07.2016, 8.30-9.30 am: "Circle Walking Basics and stepping"
Monday 11.07.2016, 8.30-9.30 am: "Eight Basic Palms and body connection"
Tuesday 12.07.2016, 8.30-9.30 am: "Jibengong in Baguazhang"
Wednesday 13.07.2016, 8.30-9,30 am: "Bagua Tuishou basic training"
Thursday 14.07.2016, 8.30-9,30 am: "Selected drills for two persons sparring"
Baguazhang Conference: Monday 11.07.2016, 6.00 pm at ...
Baguazhang Demo Night: Monday 11.07.2016, 9.00 pm at ...

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